Wayne County prosecutor considers next steps in Flint Water Crisis

Charges against 7 people was thrown out on Oct. 4, 2022

FLINT, Mich. – A Wayne County prosecutor claims her search for justice in the Flint Water Crisis isn’t over after a local judge dismissed the criminal charges in the case on Tuesday.

“The Supreme Court’s decision made clear that while the indictments were invalid, the one-man grand jury can issue warrants, and that was done in this case,” said prosecutor Kym Worthy. “The next step in this process is proceeding to preliminary exams, and we’re looking at that now.”

The lack of preliminary exams is what forced the charges in seven criminal cases in the Flint water debacle to be dropped.

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“We’re gonna continue to fight for you. What happened was abominable and horrible that no one should have to go through,” said Worthy.

Former State Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyons’ attorney Charles Chamberlain stated that Worthy should stand down from the situation.

“We’re in the seventh year of this ridiculous pursuit here. And I don’t know what more she needs to do, but maybe she has to read some law to figure out what’s right and wrong,” said Chamberlain.

Lyon was charged with involuntary manslaughter in nine deaths linked to Legionnaires’.

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The local judge’s decision doesn’t affect former Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. That’s only because he was charged with two misdemeanors — willful neglect of duty — and his case is being handled by another judge.

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