These zip codes have the highest home values in Metro Detroit

Chart, map identify zip codes with highest, lowest home values in region

Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash (WDIV)

DETROIT – Home values vary widely across Metro Detroit, shifting significantly from zip code to zip code.

According to data from September, some of the the lowest Metro Detroit home values can be found in zip codes in Detroit, Ecorse and Inkster -- but where are the homes with the highest value?

We’re exploring home value data across the area, and identified the 15 zip codes with the highest average home value in Metro Detroit. Check them out in the chart below.

In case you’re not zip code expert, here are the cities where these zip codes are located (in order):

  1. 48009 = Birmingham
  2. 48302 = Bloomfield Hills
  3. 48301 = Bloomfield Hills
  4. 48168 = Northville
  5. 48304 = Bloomfield Hills
  6. 48374 = Novi
  7. 48104 = Ann Arbor
  8. 48306 = Rochester Hills
  9. 48105 = Ann Arbor
  10. 48098 = Troy
  11. 48025 = Beverly Hills
  12. 48167 = Northville
  13. 48323 = Orchard Lake
  14. 48230 = Grosse Pointe Park
  15. 48103= Ann Arbor

And if you prefer a visual, the map below shows the average home value for most Metro Detroit zip codes. You can click through the map, or toggle over to the “data table” tab to see a list of the value in dollars broken down by zip code for the entire region.

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