Here’s what people across the states call the night before Halloween

‘Devil’s Night’? ‘Mischief Night’? ‘Cabbage Night’?


It has come to my attention that not everyone calls the night before Halloween “Devil’s Night” after a TikTok went viral explaining that we Michiganders might actually be in the minority.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up calling the night before Halloween Devil’s Night. But I’m learning this might be a Michigan thing.

The Smithsonian Magazine says different places have different names for Oct. 30.

Folks from Cincinnati call it “Cabbage Night,” which is fitting for those Ohio people.

Urban areas of New Jersey say “Mischief Night.”

If you’re from Michigan, the Smithsonian specifies Detroit, you might call Oct. 30 “Devil’s Night.”

This stems from an increase in vandalism and pranks in the early 19th century. The Detroit Historical Society says “Devil’s Night” was mostly harmless until the early ‘80s when people began setting fires in abandoned properties and homes.

In 1984, the Detroit Fire Department extinguished more than 800 fires across the city.

Since then, the city has promoted “Angel’s Night,” an anti-arson campaign launched in 2000.

Other names for Oct. 30 include Corn Night (Nebraska), Beggar’s Night (Iowa), and Goosey Night (New Jersey, again).

What do you call Halloween eve? Let us know down below.