Dearborn Heights will remove abandoned utility poles in yards next year: How to file a complaint

City will begin cutting up, removing utility poles in January

Utility pole left on residential lot in Dearborn Heights. (Dearborn Heights)

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Mich. – Residents in Dearborn Heights have sent a number of complaints to the city regarding utility poles that have been left in residential lots.

According to the city, there are a number of unused utility poles left laying in and around front and side yards. They are new poles that have yet to be installed and older poles that have been replaced by new poles.

The city said some of the poles have been laying in yards for months, and in some cases, over a year.

“These poles are an inconvenience, they are an eyesore, and they present a safety risk for our residents.” Dearborn Heights Mayor Bill Bazzi said. “So I’m making it clear to the utility and communications companies. They need to either install or remove these poles by December 31. After January 1, any poles still laying in our residents’ yards will be slated for cut up-and disposal by our public works crews. I will not allow our residents to be forced into using their yards as storage areas for unused poles.”

Residents who have had utility poles in their yards for an “inordinate amount of time” should contact the mayor’s office at 313-791-3490 to register a complaint.

Residents will be asked to provide their name, address, the location of the pole on their property, any visible identifying marks or tags that are on the pole and the length of time it has been in their yard.

If the pole is not claimed by a utility or communications company, the poles will be removed starting in January and slated for cut-up, removal and disposal by the city.

“This is clearly not the way we would like to handle this issue, in light of the traditionally good relationship we have with the utility and communications companies that serve our community,” Bazzi said. “However, this issue has gone on far too long with no response or results. It’s time we take some definitive action to get the problem solved on our residents’ behalf.”

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