Students learn new lockdown system in Wayne County

‘It’s essential to practice to be prepared to be ready for any situation’

TAYLOR, Mich. – Talking to children about what to do in active shooter situations can be sensitive, but the Livingston County company called the Lockout Company is trying to change that.

The Lockout Company installs what it calls an innovative lockdown and alert system in office buildings, churches, and schools, with Taylor Public Schools being the latest district to get it installed.

The Lockout Company will install the SmartBoot safety device in all of Taylor Public Schools, but students need to learn how to use it.

That’s where Bobby The Boot comes in. He’s the Lockout Company’s very own superhero. Field representative for the company, Nathan Adams, says Bobby helps change children’s thought processes regarding why they might need to use the SmartBoot.

“It tends to help them think about Bobby in stressful times instead of other issues that might feel more anxious for them,” said Adams.

The visit starts with an assembly on how the lockdown system works then Bobby puts teachers and their students to the test with drills.

Blair Moody Elementary School’s Principal Michelle Hernandez says days like Friday (Dec. 9) are critical.

“It’s essential to practice to be prepared to be ready for any situation,” said Hernandez.

The school and the children have done lockdown drills in the past, but not like this. And as difficult and disheartening as it may be knowing why drills like this are done, children finish the day prepared for the worse.

“While our kids are young, five through fifth grade, they’re subject to everything in our world and our social media, but having someone here that lightens it a little bit, I think, will make a real difference,” Hernandez said.

“I have over 30 years of law enforcement experience,” Adams said. “I’ve seen all kinds of things in life, and those are the kinds of things that we want to protect our little ones from, so what our system gives them is the best opportunity, under those circumstances, to carry on in our life.”

Children left with a Bobby The Boot comic book so they can share with they learned with their families.

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