Significant portion of Mound Road completely open in Sterling Heights, relieving commuter headaches

Mound Road between 15 Mile and M-59 completely open

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Barriers have been tucked away for winter on the stretch of Mound Road between 15 Mile Road and M-59, relieving a lot of commuter’s headaches.

Over the last year, major construction has created a lot of issues for commuters, but on Friday, drivers traveled with ease.

Mound Road goes from Detroit to Northern Macomb and is a major thoroughfare to move goods and people.

50,000 vehicles travel Mound Road on a daily basis and every year, potholes and maintenance jam things up. These problems cost the county upwards of $10 million a year in repairs that slowed down people and commerce.

But after a $98 million federal grant, the county began work to rebuild Mound Road.

Although the work is far from complete, lanes reopened on Friday between 15 Mile Road and M-59, and construction was suspended for the winter.

A commute that took some 30 minutes to go four to five miles has just been erased.

Here’s how one business survived this construction:

Construction on Mound Road is expected to resume in April 2023.

For more information on the Mound Road project or to view the construction timeline, visit the Innovate Mound website by clicking here.

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