Here’s what a new gun crime policy in Macomb County will mean moving forward

‘One with gun gets you two’

The Macomb County Prosecutor has set a new gun policy in response to what, he feels, is selective enforcement of the state-level statute.

For years, criminals have gotten extra prison time for committing a felony using a gun, and now, Macomb County is putting its own version of the felony firearm rule into place.

Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido says possessing a gun while committing a felony in Macomb County will add two years to a sentence.

“One with gun gets you two,” the new Macomb County Prosecutor policy.

Lucido says something must be done about gun crime and he’s hoping to bring change in the new year.

State law says, a felon caught with a gun is another two years in prison.

However, Lucido says oftentimes, felony firearm charges weren’t being brought in because the underlying crime did not include a gun. For instance, a felon flees from the police, and a gun is found in the car.

Lucido says he’s finding felony gun charges weren’t being brought, now, in Macomb County, those people will be charged.

“Gun violence is out of control. We need to go do something about it. This is the start that we’re talking about. Let’s put it into action. We’re starting a brand new year, a brand new day. Let’s make things change,” Lucido says. “If the person has a gun on them, it wasn’t part of the crime when they stole the car, but having that gun on them means that we’re charging with felony firearm.”

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