1 person shot by Detroit police on city’s west side, officials say

Man taken to hospital for surgery

DETROIT – Detroit police shot a man inside a gas station after he pointed a gun at officers on the city’s west side Monday morning.

According to Detroit police chief James White, a man in his 30s was shot by officers inside a gas station located on 8 Mile Road near Berg Road on the city’s west side.

Officials say the man was armed when he walked into a gas station and locked the door.

The gas station employee called 911 and gave authorities an idea of what was going on. The man was carrying a handgun with an extended clip and had an additional two clips with him.

When customers attempted to enter the gas station, police say the man prevented them from coming in.

Police arrived on the scene approximately eight minutes after receiving the 911 call and attempted to get the man to surrender. Officials say he pointed his gun at officers which is when police fired multiple rounds, striking the man.

Officials say the man did not fire any shots.

“No injuries to the officers, no injuries to the clerk, no injuries to any other citizens. Unfortunately, we had to use force and you know, that’s never something that we desire to do,” Chief White said. “But it’s part of the job and when we have to do it, the best outcome is when there’s not a fatality and in this incident, it was not a fatality. So, all in all, you know, we’ve got someone who had something violent planned off the street and he’s still alive and that’s good for him and his family and we’ll be looking at exactly what his plans were beyond that.”

The man was transported to a local hospital where he was last known to be alert and talking just before going into surgery. We’re told he is in critical condition.

Officials say the investigation is ongoing and that the man does have a non-violent criminal history.

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