Community rallies around ailing man who declined self-treatment to save his sick dog in Woodhaven

Tim Weaver reunited with his dog Holly at the Woodhaven Animal Hospital

WOODHAVEN, Mich. – The town of Woodhaven is wrapping its arms around a man suffering from massive health issues. The man thought he was suffering alone, but after what he did to save his dog, people know his story and want to help him and his dog, too.

Tim Weaver reunited with his dog Holly at the Woodhaven Animal Hospital, where she is getting the critical help that she needs.

“We have a lot of people rallying around you and here for you,” said Dr. Patricia Odette.

Weaver found out that he isn’t suffering alone anymore. Local 4 received images of his x-ray showing the damage to his hip. He’s in excruciating pain as he was in the hospital on Tuesday (Jan. 31).

Weaver knew Holly was at home suffering and bleeding from a tumor, so against doctor’s orders, Weaver told the hospital that he was leaving.

“I told them I had to leave to take care of my dog,” said Weaver. “I demanded that I get out of there.”

An ambulance took him to Holly. Soon after, Weaver posted to Facebook saying:

“I have to get home to take my dog to the emergency vet.”

Weaver has no transportation to get Holly the treatment she needs.

“All I needed was for someone to get her here,” Weaver said.

Odette saw Weaver’s Facebook post late Tuesday night. She was so inspired that she got Holly to Dr. Lucreita Greear, who started helping her immediately.

“There’s still good people out there,” said Greear. “There’s still people who want to do good by other people, and I can, and we are.”

As mayor of Woodhaven, Dr. Odette knew she could also help Weaver.

“With him, I saw an owner who couldn’t walk, got out of bed, got an ambulance, and at that moment, I knew the dog needed to be here with her (Greear) and that we needed to help him,” said Mayor Odette.

Weaver said receiving help from the community, including the mayor, felt amazing.

“Feels amazing,” Weaver said. “I know I was in pain. How much was she in? I was scared.”

Holly is still receiving treatment at the vet while Weaver checked himself into the University of Michigan Health to get more treatment for his hip.

Mayor Odette’s Animal Resource Funding Foundation (ARFF) is paying for Holly’s very expensive care. If you would like to help her, the foundation, or other animals in general, click here.

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