Warren middle school called EMS after students distributed, consumed THC edibles

4 students facing ‘severe discipline consequences’

Lockers in school. (WDIV)

WARREN, Mich. – Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were called to a middle school in Warren on Monday after students distributed and consumed cookies and gummies that contained THC and became ill.

Dr. Robert D. Livernois, superintendent of Warren Consolidated Schools, notified families on Monday that four students distributed cookies and gummies containing TCH to several students at Carter Middle School.

Livernois said that several students who ate them became sick, requiring the school to call EMS.

In the letter, Livernois said the students involved would be facing “severe discipline consequences.”

The superintendent reminded families to be aware of what kids may have access to at home.

“Since marijuana became legal in Michigan, we have seen an increase in students vaping and eating edibles containing THC,” Livernois wrote. “Unfortunately, it should come as no surprise because many children see marijuana use as normal and do not understand the effects or consequences of using it.”

He included educational resources for parents with his announcement.

“Please take some time tonight to talk with your children. I appreciate your support,” he said.

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