Why Ethan Belcher’s body is still at the Wayne County Morgue 16 days after his death

Ethan Belcher died 16 days ago due to child abuse, and his body is still at the Wayne County Morgue.

The Detroit child’s family attempted to bury him last week, but that did not happen.

The child’s aunt is still trying to make the funeral arrangements. Ethan’s biological father apparently has decided to step away from communicating with his family, according to Ethan’s aunt Ashley Belcher.

Ashley said it took some time to get Ethan’s mother, Valerie Hamilton, to sign the paperwork to release Ethan from the morgue.

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On Saturday, Ashley hosted a candlelight vigil for Ethan at the home where he died.

Ashley currently has custody of Ethan’s brother and is trying to settle him into a new and better life.

The aunt said she thinks she has proof of notification of Ethan’s passing sent to her brother and hopes that will allow a funeral home to pick up Ethan’s body and begin making funeral arrangements.

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