Police called on parents during heated meeting for T-Mobile tower at elementary school in Wyandotte

Parents say they’re willing to take legal action to shut the cell tower down

WYANDOTTE, Mich. – Parents were flabbergasted when a large cellphone tower for T-Mobile sprung up at Washington Elementary School.

They had no idea the school district entered into an agreement with the cell carrier in 2018 to allow the tower to be built in return for $1,000 a month in fees.

Furious over the tower, they came out to the school Thursday (March 2) night for what was billed as an informational meeting. When they were told they would not be allowed to speak, the meeting devolved into yelling, with Superintendent Catherine Cost walking out.

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Parents quickly took over, and order was restored while the administration called the police to come in and make everybody leave. When the police arrived, the packed room left, but the fight over the situation was just starting.

“For us to now find out what this monstrosity is on top of the kids’ elementary school was truly appreciate shocking, and that’s why you saw some of the animosity here tonight,” said parent Josh Castmore.

Parents were equally disgusted over what they viewed as the district talking down to them.

“To come in here thinking we’re going to be talking like adults and to be treated like a child with these little rules,” said Sean Teets.

Parents say they’re willing to take legal action to shut the cell tower down.

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