Metro Detroit drivers deal with snowy conditions after storm as MDOT crews work to clear roads

MDOT says to check cameras for conditions before heading out

Hamtramck is a good example of what several communities have been dealing with. Road crews worked overnight to clear the freeways and main roads but some of the neighborhood streets remain snow-covered.

Drivers faced a difficult time on Saturday due to the snowstorm. One driver explained, “It was horrible. I could barely could get out.”

Although the main roads have improved, accidents continued to pile up throughout Saturday on eastbound I-96, westbound I-96, the Lodge, and I-696. One of the accidents even involved a state trooper patrol car.

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The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) goes into high gear during bad weather.

MDOT workers are on the scene of crashes to prevent another one or working ahead by monitoring the 300 roadway cameras for areas that may need salt. They also clean catch basins to help the melting snow drain off the roads and not freeze again overnight.

“There is nothing more important than you paying attention because even if you know how to drive on wet roads or snowy roads maybe the guy next to you doesn’t and you need to drive defensively which means you have to pay attention,” Diane Cross, an MDOT spokesperson said.

MDOT says if people want to feel more prepared, they can check traffic cameras to get an idea of road conditions.

To check the traffic cameras, visit MDOT’s website by clicking here.

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