Driver rams Jeep into Detroit ambulance, gets stuck for 2 miles

Police said driver was having a mental health crisis

DETROIT – The driver of a Jeep rammed into an ambulance in Detroit and was stuck to the back of it for two miles.

Officials said the driver of the Jeep struck the ambulance on purpose during a mental health crisis. The ambulance was struck at least eight different times before the vehicle became stuck.

“We’re south of 8 Mile, we’ve got a car continually hitting us from the rear,” medics in the ambulance told dispatchers.”They are continuously pushing us right now.”

Medics drove to the Detroit Police Department’s 11th Precinct.

“I don’t know if they’re attached to our bumper or not, but they keep pushing us, we’re pulling up,” medics said. “We’re out front, we can’t turn in the driveway, the car is just behind us on the back side and won’t allow us to turn in.”

When the crew got out they realized the car that had been ramming the ambulance was stuck to the back of the ambulance.

Watch the video for the full report.

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