Grand Prix course starting to take shape at new Downtown Detroit location

First time course to be downtown since 1991

DETROIT – The Grand Prix is set to take place in a new location this year in Downtown Detroit near the riverfront and the course is starting to come together.

The race was previously held on Belle Isle, but it is now returning to its original location where it was held from 1982 to 1991. The new location is aimed at making the race more accessible to fans who are curious about the sport’s speed and power.

According to Michael Montri, President of the Detroit Grand Prix, the new location provides a phenomenal view of the race. Fans will be able to watch the cars go up to 180 miles per hour before braking for a hairpin turn. The new location will greatly expand the crowd size, providing free access to viewing platforms along the track.

“It’s almost unheard of for a professional sporting event to offer free access like we’re going to be able to do,” Montri said.

The pit lanes, double-decker corporate suites, and grandstands will be located near the Renaissance Center.

For all the activity the race will bring, Montri says there will be very few road closures.

“There’s a tunnel that goes underneath Jefferson on I-375 to get cars in and out,” Montri said. “The Windsor Tunnel will remain open so, effectively, nothing will be shut down because of the Grand Prix.”

The riverfront portion of the set-up is wrapping up, and over the next two weeks, the westbound lanes of Jefferson will start to take shape as the race course.

Additionally, the race held June 2-4, is looking to bring businesses into the footprint this year, with 30 pop-ups operating a farmer’s market-style setup free of charge in the Cadillac Square area.

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