Video reveals fatal shooting of 13-year-old Detroit boy due to disagreement over a bike

Incident occurred on March 16

DETROIT – A video reveals the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy from Detroit due to a disagreement over a bike.

Craig Patterson, 13, was killed on March 16 on Frankfort Street in Detroit’s east side due to a disagreement.

A video was played in court on Tuesday as part of a preliminary exam for Christian Malon and Tashawn McDowell -- who is being charged with the murder of Patterson.

This is news because rarely do we see gun violence captured on security cameras from start to finish.

On Tuesday was Patterson’s brother, who was shot twice during the incident on March 16 but has survived.

Cameras capture Malon and McDowell walking down a block and turning the corner. Another camera captures the two walking up to the 13-year-old and his brother. The footage captured when the two brothers were shot. Craig did not survive.

The video shows that Malon and McDowell did not say anything to the victims. A gun was pulled out at the last moment and fired. Cameras capture the two running away.

Detroit homicide detectives found a string of doorbell and security cameras, put the images together, and were able to capture the fatal shooting.

The shooting happened due to Craig’s brother, and one of the men had a disagreement over a bike.

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