Highland Park’s GLWA deadline put on hold, awaiting court decisions

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – The deadline for Highland Park to pay the Great Lakes Water Authority has been put on hold, awaiting court decisions.

24 million dollars. That’s how much the city of Highland Park owes the Great Lakes Water Authority.

After a stalemate that’s dragged on for years, earlier Local 4 reported an outlined agreement between the city of Highland Park and Great Lakes Water Authority that included the city having to pay $1 million by Friday but a hearing this afternoon changes all that.

With attorneys representing both GLWA and Highland Park, as well as the Attorney General’s Office, all on Zoom, Tuesday afternoon Honorable Edward Joseph of Michigan’s Third Circuit Court reinstated a judgment from April 2015.

“The court ordered the April 2015 judgment reinstated with applicable statutory interest in accordance with the mandate of the Michigan Court of Appeals but stayed enforcement of the judgment in accordance with the parties' interim agreement. The court ordered that mediation with Judge James Rashid (ret.) continue and set a return court date for a status conference of August 29, 2023.”

Randal Brown, General Counsel, GLWA -- June 6, 2023

“The court is reinstating that amount, so it’s clear on the record for appellate purposes, 19 million,” said Michigan 3rd Circuit Court Judge Edward Joseph.

That decision doesn’t compromise GLWA getting that interest accrued.

That number continues to change as the day goes on, but back in March, it was up to about 24 million dollars.

One of Highland Park’s attorneys, Calvin Grigsby, argued reinstating that April 2015 judgment violated the two parties’ agreement and rather worked on a payment plan.

“Our understanding from the mediation agreement was that everything would be put on hold, the objections would not be heard, and the parties would work out a global settlement which includes not only this case but No. 011589 and a number of associated cases,” said Grigsby.

There was some back and forth, but ultimately the judge decided to put a hold on enforcing that judgment, meaning Highland Park doesn’t need to pay that $1 million by Friday.

“It’s clear that there are a lot of moving parts and I want everybody to have enough time to resolve it. I don’t think you need a payment plan Mr. grisgsby because I’m putting a stay on any enforcement of the judgment.”

Honorable Edward Joseph of Michigan’s Third Circuit Court -- June 6, 2023

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