Ferndale business helps boosts confidence for those needing wigs

When it comes to styling hair, Deja Pryor is a genius. But her business is more than just giving women a great head of hair, it’s about boosting their self-esteem.

Ever since she was young and living with her mom, Pryor has had a knack for styling hair and wigs.

“I went from my mom’s house, dorm room apartment, and so now my own spot,” Pryor said.

Her own spot is now Monet Allure in downtown Ferndale, where she makes custom wigs on her sewing machine and then bleaches, customizes and installs them on her clients.

She said it’s a hobby she got into because she wanted to help women with their confidence.

“I struggle with the confidence in my own hair,” Pryor said. “I really wanted thick, long pretty hair and I just had to realize I just wasn’t born with that gene and it’s OK. And I knew that I was not the only woman that felt this way.”

She said half of her clients are women just looking for their dream hair and the other half have experienced hair loss due to health-related issues. Pryror is now certified as a cranial prosthesis specialist.

She takes pride in giving those women that boost of confidence and getting their identity back through her wigs

“It doesn’t mean that just because you lost your hair, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel pretty again or you won’t ever feel beautiful again,” Pryor said.

She also takes pride in being a Black-owned business, helping women have the hair of their dreams without hours of prep time and damage to their natural hair.

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