Kilpatrick's friend testifies Ferguson gave him $90,000 in cash for former Detroit mayor in 2008

Former Detroit mayor's longtime friend, Mahlon Clift, testifies Tuesday, says Bobby Ferguson gave him $90,000 in cash for Kilpatrick in 2008

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


First up on the stand Tuesday morning was longtime friend of Kwame Kilpatrick, a former buddy from his college years, Mahlon Clift.

Local 4 Defenders cameras rolled as Clift left court Tuesday after delivering surprising testimony in Kilpatrick's federal trial.

Clift also became friends with Bobby Ferguson after meeting him at a Detroit Pistons game. Clift says he made several trips to Detroit once the former mayor's legal and personal problems developed.

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Once, Clift says, he was visited by Ferguson at his hotel room at the Antheneum Hotel Suite in Greektown, Detroit. During that meeting, Clift testified, Ferguson delivered a gift bag filled with $90,000 in cash. Clift says Ferguson made it known the money was meant for "Black," which is Kwame Kilpatrick's nickname among certain friends.

Clift said he took the cash to his home in Chicago where he hid is in his vacuum until he delivered $50,000 to Kilpatrick in Dallas.

This all happened in 2008, according to Cliff's testimony.

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Clift went on to reveal he traveled with Kilpatrick once. They took a private plane to Houston so they could see R Kelly in concert. Clift was later offered immunity by the feds in exchange for his testimony.

Clift 'uncomfortable' testifying against friend Kilpatrick

In court on Tuesday, he said he was uncomfortable testifying and providing information about Kilpatrick, a man Clift still considers a very close friend.

Also on the stand Tuesday was Detroit Police officer Michael Fountain. Fountain says he cited Ferguson with environmental violations for a mess near his business. However, Fountain says he later dropped the tickets after, he says, he was threatened by Ferguson.

Officer Fountain's wife, Denise, is expected to be the next witness.

Officer testifies Ferguson threatened him

Sketch by Jerry Lemenu on Sept. 24, 2012 in Detroit federal court.

-- Officer Michael Fountain

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