Wednesday is final day for testimony in Kwame Kilpatrick trial

Defense to wrap up testimony Wednesday in federal trial against former Detroit mayor

DETROIT - No witnesses took the stand Tuesday in the federal trial against former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, but on Wednesday two witnesses from out of town are expected to speak.

Those witnesses will be joined by CPA Gary Leeman, who testified for the defense last week. The prosecution wasn't done with Leeman. There is a chance they will finish with his cross examination.

Former Detroit City Councilwoman Sheila Cockrel says for team Kilpatrick, Wednesday will be about damaging all of the damaging testimony from the prosecution.

"Attempting to create reasonable doubt on the part of jurors by having testimony entered into the record that creates an alternative perspective or answer to what has been alleged," said Cockrel.

After the defense rests, jurors will have Thursday and Friday off. There will be some legal wrangling followed by instructions from the judge.

The trial will reach closer to a verdict, a verdict local leaders say will have a major impact on Detroit's future.

"Public corruption has become synonymous with public policy in Detroit. To me, it's just devastating. It's heartbreaking. To break that cycle, to end that cycle, whatever the outcome of this case is, is going to be an important step forward for the city," said Cockrel.

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