Police reports detail Tucker Cipriano's confession after attack on Farmington Hills family

According to police reports, Tucker Cipriano confessed to Farmington Hills beatings


According to the police reports obtained by Local 4, 19-year-old Tucker Cipriano confessed the day after his father, Bob Cipriano, was killed and his mother, Rose Cipriano, and brother, Sal Cipriano, were critically beaten with baseball bats.

Police asked Tucker if he had been doing drugs or drinking alcohol before the attack at the Farmington Hills home.

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"He answered he does smoke spice but did not drink or smoke yesterday," the April 17 report reads.

Tucker and his 20-year-old friend face murder and attempted murder charges for the deadly beating on April 16.

According to the police report, Tucker first lied about how the accused duo entered the Cipriano family home. He said through an open door. However, the truth is they pried open a window at the house.

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When the two went inside the home, according to the police report, Tucker said, "S*** popped off."

"The dog started barking, he held it down to stop, and it bit him," the report reads."

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Then his father, Bob Cipriano, came downstairs. Tucker told police in the reports that Young, whom he called Roderick, said, "Get him now. Get him now."

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"Roderick was fighting with his father, mother and brother," the report reads. "Roderick was swinging and grabbing things to hit people. Screaming and yelling went on for a while."

Later in the report, Tucker told police Young said, "Hit (Bob)" and that he "grabbed his father from behind."

"While he was holding his father, Roderick hit his dad on the top of his head a lot," the report reads. "His mother Rose came into the kitchen, began crying and had a dumb look on her face."

Tucker told police that "Roderick hit her on the front of her head, she ran out of the kitchen into the foyer and collapsed."

Tucker's 8-year-old sister, Isabella, came and said, "I thought you loved me ... I want my mommy," according to the reports.

Tucker first told police he took her upstairs then later said it was the basement to be out of danger. The story would later change to Young was the one who took the young girl to the basement "to do something."

"Roderick told him he couldn't do it, referring to killing his 8-year-old sister," the report reads.

Tucker's 17-year-old brother, Sal, went at Tucker with a BB gun, but Tucker grabbed it and broke it, hitting his brother in the shoulder.

"He hit Sal with a bat a couple of times, but didn't think he hit him hard," the report reads.

Tucker also went on a hunt in the house looking for his other brother, 17-year-old Tanner Cipriano, who was hiding under a desk in his bedroom. Tanner had called 911.

- Tucker Cipriano and Mitchell Young are charged with murder and attempted murder.

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