1099-G tax forms being sent to Michiganders who didn’t file for unemployment

Bogus 1099-G tax forms sent to people who didn't file for unemployment

Some Michigan residents have been receiving 1099-G forms for unemployment benefits that they never applied for or received.

Some have reported receiving a form from other states, while people living in other states have received the form from the state of Michigan.

John Craig of Troy said he received a 1099-G form claiming he received $7,458.

“(There’s) frustration because I literally have been fighting this situation since last May. I can’t believe that it has gone on for 10 months now and yet I still can’t get a resolution,” Craig said.

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“They’re giving money away to people that shouldn’t get unemployment and they’re not taking care of people that should be getting it,” said Eric Ostergren of Midland.

Ostergren sent paperwork to Local 4 on his constant contact, including certified letters, with Lansing and the unemployment office in the last 10 months.

“It’s very, very frustrating,” he said.

Ostergren, who said he has not received much help, is not even eligible to receive unemployment because he owns a security company and is not allowed benefits.

“I am hoping at some point, the governor opens up the state government. and I literally will drive to Lansing and plant myself in front of somebody and say ‘Hey I need to talk to somebody.’” Craig said.

Click here for more information on the 1099-G tax form.

Here’s some more information from UIA:

Is there any new or additional information regarding the 1099-G crisis?

There is information about what to do if you’re a victim of ID theft and receive a 1099G along with other FAQ’s regarding the document on our website www.michigan.gov/uia.  The IRS has also published guidance for taxpayers regarding this issue. Click here.

There was no mention of it in your email on the 1099-G, but does your office recommend people hurt by this fraud go to the credit bureaus and freeze their credit or other fraud protocols?

We provide suggestions and a list of options for victims of ID theft on our website and Fact Sheet 166.

You can watch the full report in the video above.

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