Michigan to begin processing individual income tax returns mid-Feb.

Michigan’s income tax return schedule same as IRS’

The state of Michigan will process individual income tax returns beginning Friday, Feb. 12, officials announced Wednesday.

The Michigan Department of Treasury says it will begin processing state income tax returns at the same time the IRS does -- on Feb. 12.

“We coordinate with the IRS to process tax returns and issue refunds,” said State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks. “This year, the IRS has pushed back the processing date due to software updating and testing. This means our processing date will also be pushed back. The state of Michigan will be ready to process your returns and issue refunds when the season opens early in the month.”

Individual income tax returns can be filled out and submitted online, with a tax professional or by mailing in paper forms and documentation, the state says. Michigan income tax returns and payments of taxes owed must be received by the state by April 15, 2021.

Some companies and softwares are already allowing individuals to submit their income tax returns, which will be submitted to the state on Feb. 12 at the earliest.

You can learn more about individual income tax in Michigan at the treasury’s website here.

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