US Transportation Secretary Buttigieg makes his next move -- to Michigan

Buttigieg moves permanent home to Michigan from Indiana in potentially strategic political move, Politico reports

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – The United States Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, has officially changed his residency from Indiana to our mitten state, where he plans to vote this fall.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation spoke to Politico about the move. The source says that the decision to move from Indiana was for family reasons, as Buttigieg’s husband’s family lives in Traverse City.

Moving to Traverse City and being close to husband Chasten Buttigieg’s family became especially important after the couple adopted their twins, officials said. The source reports that the Buttigieg family often relies on Chasten’s parents’ for help with child care.

With two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor, Politico believes that Michigan will be a more hospitable state for the fellow Democrat with political ambitions. These ambitions, however, may be complicated by the recent transportation crises relating to supply chains and air travel.

Over 1,400 flights were canceled over the Fourth of July weekend, Politico reports. Buttigieg has even reportedly had one of his own flights canceled.

Airline interest groups are blaming the Federal Aviation Administration, though airlines have often stated that issues are also caused by limited staffing and high fuel costs. Still, Secretary Buttigieg argues that the airlines should be doing better after receiving billions of dollars during the pandemic, according to Politico’s report.

Former South Bend mayor and military officer, Secretary Buttigieg was nominated for his position by President Biden in 2020. His nomination was confirmed in early 2021 making him the first openly gay Cabinet secretary in U.S. history and the youngest Secretary of Transportation at the age of 38.

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