GALLERY: Taking a look at Michigan’s governors since 1835

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder delivers his State of the State address to a joint session of the House and Senate, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, at the state Capitol in Lansing, Mich. With the water crisis gripping Flint threatening to overshadow nearly everything else he has accomplished, the Republican governor pledged a fix Tuesday night during his annual State of the State speech. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

Nov. 8 was election night, and history was made as two women -- current Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Republican opponent Tudor Dixon -- ran against each other for the governor seat for the first time ever.

Michigan has had a long line of governors, with Jennifer M. Granholm as the first woman governor of the Great Lakes State. We’ve got photos of old governors from George Romney to Woodbridge N. Ferris -- check them out in the photo gallery above as we time travel through 187 of Michigan’s history.

Below is a list of the 49 governors for the state of Michigan

#NameYears ServedParty
1Stevens T. Mason1835-1840D
2William Woodbridge *1840-1841W
3James Wright Gordon1841W
4John S. Barry1842-1846D
5Alpheus Felch **1846-1847D
6William L. Greenly1847D
7Epaphroditus Ransom1848-1850D
8John S. Barry1850-1851D
9Robert McClelland1852-1853D
10Andrew Parsons1853-1854D
11Kinsley S. Bingham1855-1858R
12Moses Wisner1859-1860R
13Austin Blair1861-1864R
14Henry H. Crapo1865-1868R
15Henry P. Baldwin1869-1872R
16John J. Bagley1873-1876R
17Charles M. Croswell1877-1880R
18David H. Jerome1881-1882R
19Josiah W. Begole1883-1884D (Fusionist)
20Russell A. Alger1885-1886R
21Cyrus G. Luce1887-1890R
22Edwin B. Winans1891-1892D
23John T. Rich1893-1896R
24Hazen S. Pingree1897-1900R
25Aaron T. Bliss1901-1904R
26Fred M. Warner1905-1910R
27Chase S. Osborn1911-1912R
28Woodbridge N. Ferris1913-1916D
29Albert E. Sleeper1917-1920R
30Alexander J. Groesbeck1921-1926R
31Fred W. Green1927-1930R
32Wilber M. Brucker1931-1932R
33William A. Comstock1933-1934D
34Frank D. Fitzgerald1935-1936R
35Frank Murphy1937-1938D
36Frank D. Fitzgerald ***1939R
37Luren D. Dickinson1939-1940R
38Murray D. Van Wagoner1941-1942D
39Harry F. Kelly1943-1946R
40Kim Sigler1947-1948R
41G. Mennen Williams1949-1960D
42John B. Swainson1961-1962D
43George Romney1963-1969R
44William G. Milliken1969-1982R
45James J. Blanchard1983-1990D
46John M. Engler1991-2002R
47Jennifer M. Granholm2003-2010D
48Rick Snyder2011-2018R
49Gretchen Whitmer2019-D


  • D = Democrat
  • R = Republican
  • W = Whig
  • * Resigned February 24, 1841, to become a U.S. senator
  • ** Resigned March 3, 1847, to become a U.S. senator
  • *** Died in office, March 16, 1939

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