What’s the most popular type of coffee in Michigan? ☕

How each state takes, brews their coffee

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Do you feel it, that lull? Your brain winding down as the holidays settle in and the tiring year comes to a close? When the motivation to do anything other than slip into some PJs slips away completely, signing off until the new year?

Maybe it’s just me, but when the middle of December rolls around, I am more than ready to hibernate. So, to keep myself going, I rely heavily on coffee during the winter months, as I’m sure many fellow Michiganders understand. (These gray days feel like a chore sometimes.)

And since I stop in at so many different coffee shops in Detroit and the metro area, I got to thinking: How do most Michiganders take their coffee?

I stumbled upon a study by Denby, which examined Google Trends from 2017-2022 to determine the most popular coffee drinks in each state, as well as the most popular brewing methods. Here’s what they found.

How Michiganders take their coffee

Somewhat surprisingly, the most popular type of coffee in Michigan is decaf. (How are you all staying awake?!)

Michigan is only one of four states in which decaf dominates -- though a few states tied decaf with another type of coffee, such as decaf and cold brew in Arizona or decaf and cappuccino in Maryland.

The most popular type of coffee across the U.S. is iced coffee, with 23 states showing more interest in it than any other coffee type, according to the study. A few states favorite cold brew, even fewer prefer black coffee, and only in one state -- Wisconsin -- was a latte the most popular coffee type.

Check out the U.S. map by Denby below to see for yourself.

A map of the most popular coffee types in every state, according to Google search interest examined between 2017-2022. Image and study by Denby. Image courtesy of Denby study. (Denby)

How the coffee’s brewed

That decaf coffee is not going to make itself.

So, what’s the most popular method for brewing that cup of Joe, you ask? Well, the answer is pretty similar for nearly every state: Everyone is using coffee pods. All but 11 states showed that they are making their coffee with the convenient pop-in-and-go pods.

The other states are a bit more creative with their methods.

Alaska, Oregon and Colorado prefer to use the French press, while Maine, Vermont and Utah mostly make coffee using the filter method. In Maryland, filter coffee tied with pour-over coffee as the most popular method.

Washington is all about espresso, Wyoming is all about cowboy coffee, and Wisconsin is all about using the Moka pot. Hawaii is unique, too, with Dalgona coffee tying with instant coffee (which makes sense, since Dalgona coffee is made with instant coffee.)

Check out the results for yourself in the map below.

A map of the most popular coffee brewing methods in every state, according to Google search interest examined between 2017-2022. Image and study by Denby. Image courtesy of Denby study. (Denby)

Most, least caffeinated states

It’s gut wrenching when someone you care about doesn’t care as much about the things you care about as you do ... right?

Well, imagine my pain when I found out the people of Michigan aren’t as in love with caffeine as I am. (Way to be healthy, guys.)

Research from Zippia found that Michigan is the 10th least caffeinated state in the country when considering caffeine intake from both coffee and pop. Michigan tied with Arkansas.

Vermont is the most caffeinated of all -- though people in New Mexico drink the most coffee of anyone else, averaging about 2.4 cups per day, research shows. The northeast region of the U.S. reportedly consumes more coffee than anywhere else, though the state of Delaware happens to be the least caffeinated state in the country.

Hawaii is said to have more coffee shops per person than any other state, with one coffee shop for every 2,559 people, Zippia said. In Michigan, there is one coffee shop for every 5,725 people, according to research from mattress company Zoma.

Here are the 10 most and least caffeinated states.

10 most caffeinated states

  1. Vermont
  2. Arizona
  3. Colorado
  4. New Mexico
  5. Hawaii
  6. Idaho
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Oregon
  9. Kansas
  10. Iowa

10 least caffeinated states

  1. Delaware
  2. Maryland
  3. Georgia
  4. New Jersey
  5. New York
  6. Pennsylvania
  7. Nebraska
  8. Virginia
  9. Arkansas
  10. Michigan

See Zippia’s research right here.

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