How to talk to your children about the deadly siege on the US Capitol Building

The riots in Washington, D.C. Wednesday that left five people dead were scary and unsettling to watch for many people across the nation.

Even more so for children who witnessed what happened. So how do you go about talking to them about it?

Cynthia Reynolds has been a clinical therapist for 20 years and recommends reality therapy. Let them know that what they see on screen does not necessarily reflect the real life that’s going on around them.

Experts said if you’re a parent who agrees with what happened then it’s important to be candid. Have an honest conversation about what your beliefs are, what your values are and how they align with the behavior that was displayed.

The bottom line is that it’s an ongoing dialogue and a parent is the most important source of information for a child.

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Reports: FBI warns of possible armed protests at 50 state Capitols starting Jan. 16

A memo from the FBI to law enforcement agencies across the United States is warning of possible armed protests at all 50 state Capitols starting Jan. 16, several outlets are reporting Monday.

NBC News reports the FBI also said an armed group has threatened to travel to Washington, D.C. the same day (Jan. 16) and “stage an uprising if Congress removes President Trump from office, according to a senior law enforcement official.”

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