Playmobil 'bank robbery' play set under fire

German-based toy company Playmobil is getting some backlash for its "Bank and Safe" play set because some say it promotes bank robbery to children.

The 126-piece set, which Local 4 found at a Toys 'R Us for $49.99, is marketed for ages 4 to 10.

It comes with an action figure that wears dark sunglasses and carries a gun and a crowbar.

The set also has gold bar and cash pieces, an apparently helpless bank manager and even surveillance cameras on mounted on the set.

The description of the set on Playmobil's website reads: "Treasures can be stored in the banks lockable safe or withdraw money with the help of the functioning ATM. Just keep an eye out for the notorious bank thief on the surveillance cameras."

What about you? Would you buy the set for a child?

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