Michigan members of Congress react to riot at US Capitol

Members either evacuated or told to shelter in place in their office

US Congress met on Wednesday to certify the election when rioters stormed into the Capitol

WASHINGTON – Michigan’s congressional delegation either evacuated or was told to shelter in place in their offices Wednesday when a group of supporters for President Donald Trump stormed into the US Capitol.

Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05) was on the House floor when rioters overran the Capitol police. Kildee and his colleagues were evacuated, and he blames the president for inciting the riot. Kildee said he also believes it’s time for the 25th Amendment.

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Congresswoman Lisa McClain (MI-10) was also in the House along with Kildee, and she was also evacuated. McClain said she would still consider an objection to some state’s electoral votes but found the president’s response to the riot to be not enough.

“Violence is completely unacceptable and it is my job as a leader to bring peace and calm and deescalation to a situation, so I think things could have been done a little bit better,” McClain said.

Every delegation member who spoke with Local 4 was eager to get back into joint session and move the process along.

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“I hope that the scenes that people are watching on TV of our Capitol, which is such an iconic building and the violence and the pictures of the destruction inside...,” said Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (MI-08). “My fervent hope is that it shocks the system a bit, it shocks the body politic, and that people who have been watching from afar... will now say you know what, being silent about threats to our democracy is being complicit.”


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