Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig to speak at Jackson County GOP event

Craig expected to make 1st political speech next week

James Craig to give first political speech
James Craig to give first political speech

DETROITFormer Detroit Police Chief James Craig has not definitively said whether he’s running for governor yet, but he sure is making moves like he is.

Craig is scheduled to make his first political speech next week at the “Under the Oaks” event with the Jackson County GOP. Campaign veterans say it’s a smart move.

“It’s playing to his advantage, and no offense to my family and friends in Jackson, but he can start off Broadway a little bit,” said political consultant John Sellek. “He can test out his lines and see what the reaction is from the crowd.”

The Jackson County GOP says it’s excited to have Craig as their featured speaker. Grassroots activists have been thrilled at the prospect of a Craig campaign but most have not yet met him in person.

“They want to see people in the flesh, they want to see how they react, how they fill a room, how they shake hands, how they respond to people, and how they respond to hard questions,” Sellek said.

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