How we manage to get a news truck onto vehicle-free Mackinac Island

Follow the secret ferry

Michigan's historic Mackinac Island is a vehicle-free land. So how in the world do we get a news truck onto the island every year?

Every May, Local 4's Nightcam (Tim Pamplin) brings his news truck to the island for the annual Mackinac Policy Conference.

It's a secret operation that only a few know about. But now we're letting you in on the secret.

The Nightcam is a great swimmer. He came here from "across the pond," so it makes sense. Okay, that's not how it works. But it's not that far off.

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The morning before the conference starts, the Nightcam drives the news truck to St. Ignance, where he drives the truck onto a barge at the crack of dawn. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Mackinac Island on the barge.

The barge is normally used for trash removal and getting construction equipment on and off the island.

Pamplin eventually lands on the island on -- wait for it - British Landing.

The Nightcam let us in on the secret this morning with a Facebook Live special report. Watch it below:

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