Red Wings' Datsyuk suing website for selling bogus merchandise

Lawsuit claims website sold Pavel Datsyuk merchandise without his permission, without sharing profit

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®


Pavel Datsyuk has thrilled Detroit Red Wings fans and confounded NHL goalies with his brilliant stick handling, passing, stealing and scoring skills.

Cashing in on that notoriety is what any athlete does to fatten his or her bank account. In fact, Datsyuk has done deals with Reebok.

Problems can arise when deciding what deals to cut and with whom. That's what Datsyuk now faces regarding a Facebook page that, until this past month, sent Datsyuk fans looking to buy his gear to a website called

The site is down for now. A lawsuit asks a judge to keep it that way while deciding whether shirts such as one with Datysuk's No. 13, and others, are authorized merchandise.

Datsyuk himself would not comment for this story but his attorney sent this statement:

"Despite continued and best efforts to amicably resolve the matter, the lawsuit was brought to address continued infringement of Mr. Datsyuk's name and celebrity and to prevent continued deception of the public."

The contention is Pasha Sports Wear is cashing in on Datsyuk without his permission or giving him any of the profits.

There have been ongoing negotiations to settle this case for months. However, it hit an impasse which is why it's ending up in court.

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