Tonia Watson takes stand in Nancy Dailey murder case

Watson testifies about how 80-year-old Nancy Dailey died on Nov. 2011

DETROIT - A very nervous Tonia Watson took the stand Monday afternoon.

She repeatedly shifted her eyes over to Alan Wood as she detailed what happened on November 2011 inside 80-year-old Nancy Dailey's Royal Oak home.

Wood and Watson, were arrested back in Nov. 2011 just days after Dailey's death in Canton Township.

"He threw her down to the ground and took her by the hair of her head and pulled her into the bedroom," said Watson.

In the bedroom, Tonia says Wood punched Nancy, stomped on her neck and tried to twist her neck.

What was Dailey doing during this time?

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"She was moaning and saying you know stop," said Watson.


~Nancy Dailey~

And as this was all going on Watson says she was searching for things to steal for the couple's drug habit.

Watson says right before they left Nancy's house, Alan decided to go back into Nancy's bedroom.

When Alan came back out Watson says Alan told her "he had never cut an old lady's throat before."

~Alan Wood~

Watson says the plan was only to rob the elderly woman, not kill her.

The prosecutor asked her why she didn't do anything to stop it.

"I was scared he would kill me," said Watson.

The defense put into question Watson's credibility and memory while on the stand.

Asking her about the past names she went by and her multiple convictions for theft

Before she knew Alan Wood she had decades of drug use and mental health problems.

The defense pointing out the medications she was on at that time for depression and mood disorders.

This made Tonia visibly upset. "What does my mental health have to do with it," she said.

The defense responded that it has a great deal to do with the case.

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