Election Day in Michigan: 3 races to watch, voting information

Happy Election Day 2019!


Morning Musings 🤔

The 2019 election feels like an appetizer for the main entree, doesn’t it? The 2020 election cycle is sure to be a doozy.

But for now, there are still important items on ballots across Michigan, including school bond proposals, mayoral and city council races and community millages. The decisions made at the local level are arguably more impactful to your life, anyway!

So, get out there and vote! If you need help finding your precinct, or would like to look at your sample ballot, check out our voter guide right here.

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Morning Dive 🏊

While we aren’t voting for any state-level offices today, a few noteworthy races are taking place. Here’s a look at three mayoral races we’re watching.

Warren mayoral race

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is looking to win a fourth term in Michigan’s third largest city, but he’ll have to get through City Council member Kelly Colegio.

Fouts, who has been mayor since 2007, has been the subject of multiple controversies, primarily surrounding taped recordings. Most recently, a recording alleged Warren Mayor Fouts threatened to shoot his former chief of staff. Fouts denied that the tape was real.

Colegio has been running on a platform to end “shenanigans” in city government.

Livonia mayor race

The city of Livonia will have a female mayor for the first time. The August Primary narrowed the candidates to two women, Laura Toy and Maureen Miller Brosnan. Both candidates are lifelong Livonia residents.

Toy is the Livonia City Council president and also served in the Senate. Miller Brosnan is the former president of the Livonia City Council, where she was elected to serve for 17 years, and she’s served in other leadership roles over the years.

Miller Brosnan has been endorsed by the Livonia Police Officers Association and the Livonia Lieutenants and Sergeant’s Association. Toy was the front-runner in the primary. Learn more about the candidates here.

Flint mayoral race

Incumbent Karen Weaver, who has been the face of post-water crisis Flint, is competing for re-election against state Rep. Sheldon A. Neeley.

Weaver survived a recall effort in 2017. She was elected in 2015. Neeley previously ran for mayor in 2009, but lost to former Flint Mayor Dayne Walling.

Weaver is the first women to hold the office of Flint Mayor.

We’ll have results from races around Michigan after polls close tonight. Track the latest here.

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