All 4 Pets: Readers share their rescue stories


Rescue Stories were shared with All 4 Pets, WDIV Local 4's celebration of our furry, feathered and finned friends. Do you have a story about adopting a pet? We'd love to hear it. Share it here, and we'll consider it for future stories on-air and for ClickOnDetroit.com. Questions? Contact us at: pets@wdiv.com



Flash is a Jack Russell we adopted 4 years ago. He is a typical Jack Russell terrier, a ball of energy.

-Matt Bozich, Warren



This is my German Shepherd, Honey, a rescue dog we have had over 10 years. She is the best companion, and if a family member is feeling under the weather, she is a constant presence to cheer them up.

-David Szymanski, Sterling Heights



This is Ryder. He was adopted by me from Michigan Animal Rescue League in Pontiac. They are an extremely caring and helpful rescue. Adopt not shop!. The picture is of him after walking 4 miles and 1/2 hour of my throwing his squeaky ball for him to fetch. He has a lot of energy!

-Eileen, St. Clair Shores



I wanted to share the story of our rescue dog, Sawyer. We found him at Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue, an unwanted 125 lb. golden who didn't know how to walk on a leash. We took him home and realized immediately that he was intelligent, smart, very sad, but just a quiet old soul looking for a family to love. Within a year Sawyer was certified as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International and now he's on the team at Beaumont and in the Paws for Reading program at the Clinton Township Library. He's the most amazing guy we've ever known, and one of the reasons I wanted to reach out and promote rescue dogs!


-Judy and Werner Lambertz

Rescue Stories

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