Education to prevent animal cruelty


We are all for pets here at Live in the D and we love to show the best ways to care for them. We also want to shed light on ways to protect them. The Michigan Humane Society has a team of investigators who respond to calls to make sure pets in our community are getting the care they deserve. April is "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" month. 

The Michigan Humane Society responds to hundreds of calls every year. One of those investigators is Myron Golden who joined us in studio along with Shaun Bailey to tell us more about how you can help protect animals in our community. Myron talked about how they work hard to educate animal owners and provide them with the resources they need to keep their animals healthy. Most of animal cruelty comes from a lack of knowledge and resources with the pet owners. If you are concerned about any animal the MHS cruelty hotline is (313-872-3401). 

Shaun also brought a puppy who is looking for a loving home. Tiger Tim is a Dachshund and Labrador mix which is a very uncommon and unique mix. He currently weighs 18 pounds but he will grow up to be much bigger. If you are interested in adopting Tiger Tim or any other pet visit MichiganHumane.org or call (866) M - HUMANE