Famous Detroit slang - 'You Have a Friend in Detroit' Podcast - Ep 1

Jason Carr explores America's most misunderstood city

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Local 4 has released our third podcast series, “You Have a Friend in Detroit.”

The six-episode podcast hosted by your friend in Detroit, Jason Carr of "Live in the D," explores the nooks and crannies of America’s most denigrated, celebrated, forgotten, important, decimated, resurgent city.

The first episode of the series is titled "What Up, Doe?" and discusses this greeting native to the city.  We take a lighthearted look at its origin and uses in pop culture, discuss how slang spreads (or stays associated with one area), and touch on “Midwestern” words like pop and party store that aren’t used across the country.

The first episode features several guests, including: 

  • Geoffrey Nathan: professor of linguistics at Wayne State University.
  • Khary Kimani Turner: Author, poet, musician, journalist and executive director of the Coleman A. Young Foundation. Found on Twitter @KharyTurner.
  • Anne Curzan: professor of English and linguistics at the University of Michigan
  • Detroit natives and business owners.

All six episodes are available for a binge-able listening experience now on FriendinDetroit.com, or wherever you download podcasts.

About "You Have a Friend in Detroit"
Hosted by Jason Carr, digital reporter and anchor of Local 4's "Live in the D," the new podcast series “You Have a Friend in Detroit” tells the stories that are unique to Detroit, the stalwart city that captures the whole world’s imagination. Carr is the friend, the insider who takes listeners through the truths and myths of the Motor City.

“So often when I travel I get a variety of reactions when I say I’m from Detroit. It’s sometimes positive and sometimes negative but it is never exactly right. We decided to delve into some touchstones and stories that are true to Detroit and intriguing to locals and beyond,” said Carr.

“Detroit has seen the best of times and the worst of times, and people are curious about what’s true," creative services and programming director Jamie Kaye Walters added. "This series is inspired by the idea that people all over the world think they know Detroit through its music and cars, but there is so much more beneath the surface of the city.  Now through Jason and his guests, listeners actually know someone in Detroit.”