WATCH: Local 4 Special 'Black Friday: Missing Skelton Brothers'

DETROIT – The Local 4 News special 'Black Friday: Missing Skelton Brothers' aired at 10 p.m. Monday on WDIV and ClickOnDetroit.

The documentary-style program featured in-depth reports by anchor/reporter Sandra Ali and highlighted Jeremy Allen’s reporting from the podcast series called 'Shattered: Black Friday.'

You can watch the full special in the video posted above.

“Shattered: Black Friday” is produced and hosted by Allen and executive produced by Ro Coppola. Black Friday refers to the popular shopping day after Thanksgiving, which was the same day the Skelton boys went missing. The boys’ mother told Morenci police that her husband, John Skelton, was supposed to bring the children back to her. But he never did.

“We asked ourselves what stories have we covered in-depth that still haunt us. The Skelton brothers’ disappearance was at the top of everyone’s list. It was heartbreaking then. It’s heartbreaking now,” said News Director Kim Voet.

Recently, this missing persons case made headlines on the other side of the country when human and animal bones were found in Montana. The bones were examined and found to be those of three young children.

“This case is still open and there are so many unanswered questions,” says Allen. “As a father I really connect to the story. We hope that through this podcast, someone who might know something will help lead the police to the truth.”

The first episode of “Shattered: Black Friday” was released Sunday. Click here for that story.