Introducing WAY Academy: Detroit

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WAY Academy is chartered by Lake Superior State University and accredited by AdvancED.

WAY Academy-Detroit has three campuses from which families can choose, which are located in West and Southwest Detroit, and in a nearby suburb, Roseville.

Each location has its own unique focus and programming. Our West campus has a focus on entrepreneurship, technology, theater and visual arts.

We look forward to hosting several community plays this year.


Our Southwest campus has formed a partnership with Urban Neighborhood Initiatives. This program provides the opportunity for students to receive employment.

Our Roseville campus also has an amazing career and technical education option.

Students who attend this campus spend half their day in school and the other half working in the CTE facility, which is connected to the school building. Graduates from the Roseville program graduate with CTE certifications.

All sites provide internet connectivity and a computer to students in need, and offer flexible school schedules to all students, utilizing our proprietary HERO learning platform.

The HERO platform allows 24-hour access to the curriculum outside of the physical school building required hours. All campuses provide the ability for students to graduate early and even catch up on missing credits.

Please visit our website to learn more about how WAY Academy can help support your educational needs. You may also contact the campus of your choice.

West location: 313-444-9398
Southwest location: 313-444-8082
Roseville location: 586-806-903
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