Know the do's and don'ts of recycling cardboard, including what to do with pizza boxes

Learn the rules of recycling cardboard with EGLE

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This story is written and sponsored by the Michigan Department or Environment, Great Lakes and Energy.

After the last piece of pizza has been eaten, and the clothes from your online shopping spree have been hung with care, what do you do with all of those cardboard boxes?

Our sponsors at the Michigan Department or Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, or EGLE, are spreading the word about how we can recycle correctly. 

We've seen the cute recycling raccoons tell us how to take proper care of our plastics and glass, but they also have rules for cardboard. For instance, all cardboard boxes should be broken down and flattened when stored in the recycling container. Doing this makes transporting them easier, and helps the entire recycling process flow smoothly.

When it comes to pizza boxes, if the container is saturated with grease and debris, it is not recyclable. However, if the box is pretty clean, remove and throw away the pizza plate that comes on the bottom of the box, then break down the rest, and send it to the recycling center.

One center that is working with EGLE to teach people how to recycle, and to do it properly, is Recycle Here! Detroit.

The center not only takes most items that you didn't or wouldn't think are recyclable, but it also takes the time to explain how to clean, break down and store those items.

For more information about recycling, visit recyclingraccoons.org or to learn more about the recycling center, visit recyclehere.net.