Ann Arbor SPARK awards tech companies $200,000 for innovative services

Participants at Invest360. (Ann Arbor SPARK)

A handful of local tech startups have received a total of $200,000 for their innovation, ground-breaking services and entrepreneurship.

Funding was awarded by Ann Arbor SPARK during Invest360, a flagship event of the organization’s a2Tech360 event series.

Winning startups were crowned in the mobility, life science, information technology and People’s Choice categories at the University of Michigan Golf Course clubhouse.

“In addition to showcasing the incredible talent and innovation in our region, Invest360 also underscores the importance of supporting these early-stage companies. They are the driving force behind our tech ecosystem’s growth and resilience,” said Mike Flanagan, vice president of capital programs for Ann Arbor SPARK.

Winners were selected by a panel of expert judges.

Here’s a bit about the honorees:

People’s Choice and IT Winner: JustAir Solutions

  • JustAir Solutions is dedicated to enhancing air quality awareness and promoting healthier living environments. It received a total of $100,000 for its innovative approach to air quality monitoring and pollution mitigation. Its prize reaffirms its commitment to creating a better breathing environment for communities and businesses.

Mobility Winner: Repela Tech

  • Repela Tech took home the top prize of $50,000 in the Mobility category for its groundbreaking work in developing a high-performance, eco-friendly marine antifouling solution. Its hydrophilic coating technology not only prevents biofouling on vessels but also helps reduce the environmental impact caused by toxic antifoulants. This innovation has the potential to significantly benefit the marine industry while preserving aquatic ecosystems.

Life Science Winner: Curio Genomics

  • Curio Genomics claimed victory in the Life Science category (and won $50,000) by addressing pressing global challenges related to food security and sustainability. Its collaborative efforts with corporate, academic, and government researchers are aimed at developing resilient and environmentally friendly crops for a more secure and sustainable future.

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