Your Friday installment of 4 reasons to #votemiggy

Why Miguel Cabrera should start in the All-Star Game

(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

When the American League team takes the field next month in the annual Major League All-Star Game, Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera should be in the starting lineup.

Here are four more reasons why you should #votemiggy:

1. Even current All-Star vote leader Eric Hosner believes Cabrera should start: "If I'm Miguel Cabrera, I'm looking at myself like, 'Are you kidding me?' Miguel is a candidate and should be the starter."

2. It's about integrity in All-Star voting. In the wake of reports of ballot stuffing in Kansas City, MLB has disqualified as many as 65 million votes. Your honest vote for Miguel Cabrera helps restore integrity to the democratic process.

3. Cabrera is currently leading the league in both on-base percentage and slugging percentage.

4. He's like a baseball ninja.


You can #votemiggy up to 35 times. Don't waste your votes.