1-armed golfer from Metro Detroit looks to break world record

Xander Dobreff eyes Guinness world records

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Xander Dobreff’s swing is so pure, so effortless, you'd never know he does it with just one arm.

"You have to have hope, that's why we are out here on the golf course today," Dobreff said.

A terrible car accident back in 2009 left Dobreff without the use of his left arm.

"My arm was punctured by piece of door," he said of the accident that happened when he was just 20 years old. "I woke up days later and didn’t know how serious it was. I asked the doctor, 'How soon can I play golf again?' He said, 'You'll never play again.'"

Dobreff sees himself as blessed to even have survived the accident. Soon thereafter, he went about living again.

"I know for me with my traumatic accident, there was a moment where I said, 'What can I still do? Not what can’t I do, but what can I still do?'"

One thing Dobreff found was that he can still swing a golf club. He just tucks his left arm under his right, he calls it the 'Xander Tuck.'

The tuck is working.

This Washington, Michigan native has won three times on the Golf Channel’s Amateur Tour, beating out guys with two arms.

Up next is a new challenge.

"There are a couple Guinness world records I'd like to break," Dobreff said. "The fastest nine holes ever recorded with one arm and lowest nine hole score with one arm."

Dobreff has already shot a 32 on nine holes before, he believes he could complete that in 45 minutes. Both would get his name in the book.

He's defying the odds and hopefully inspiring others along the way.

"I hope someone needs this sees this story and it created hope in their life," he said. "Go play golf or tennis or whatever. Find your passion and do it."

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