Fun facts about NCAA tournament basketball court installed at Little Caesars Arena

DETROIT – Here are some fun facts about the NCAA basketball court installed this week at Little Caesars Arena for the first two rounds of games of the tournament. 

Fun Floor Facts:

  • Made in Amasa Michigan in the UP by Connor Sports. They became the official court of the NCAA in 2006
  • They reuse the first and 2nd round floors. The one at LCA is 4-5 years old and is a “toddler” when it comes to floors. 
  • The NCAA comes up with a graphics package in the summer, then Connor sports creates the specs for each floor. 
  • The court is 94 feet by 48 including the runoff on the sides. The Final Four Court is bigger, more runoff, at 116/60. 
  • It takes a couple months to make the court, then 2 months to sand, seal, paint and the curing of it. 
  • The court is made up of 250 panels that weigh 188 pounds each. Crews go through a process that takes 3-4 hours to install it. In this case, the Little Caesars Arena conversion crew and the Connor Sports Lead Technician installed it after the Demi Lovato Concert Wednesday night. 
  • The base lines are adhesives. The logos are paint.
  • Connor sports makes 12 new custom courts for the regionals and the final every year. The winning team usually takes a portion of it back to their school. Most of them take the center court logo.