Jamie Edmonds: LCA is a great playoff building


DETROIT – Saturday night was the first professional playoff game hosted at Little Caesars arena and it was a really fun atmosphere.

We arrived for our live shots at about 5 p.m. Fans weren’t allowed inside yet, but we overheard staff talking about managing the throngs of fans they expected. The game was a sellout, the 4th in the Pistons LCA history. So, right off the bat, with the building filled, you knew it would be fun. 

Pre-game, we saw Chauncey Billups and Tom Izzo. Mr. Big Shot and Mr. March, both in attendance to see the first NBA playoff action in the city of Detroit in decades. I think I saw Danny Amendola courtside too.

The hype video to start the game was fantastic. You can’t go wrong with Eminem. Most everyone in the lower bowl wore their blue playoff T-shirts. The upper bowl was filled as well. I’m talking about those Gondola seats too! The fans were LOUD when the game started; I mean LOUD. It was just overall, an exciting time. 

LCA has taken some shots for the red seats, (they’re now officially black) and for the atmosphere as some fans enjoy the food and drink elsewhere, instead of watching the game. 

I would say the Red Wings first game in the building was packed, and so were the NCAA games, but tonight felt different. It felt busier. It just felt different. The building proved to be a wonderful backdrop for playoff basketball. Forget the score or the outcome on the court; it was a fun event to attend. I think once the Pistons grow a bit more under Dwayne Casey, I could totally see the this team getting a win and this building becoming a place opposing teams not wanting to come to. 

I think Steve Yzerman will eventually get the Red Wings into position to host some playoff hockey as well. Think about that -- both teams in the playoffs at the same time! How great would that be?

I think the first playoff game in the building was a good time. Here’s to many, many more there for years to come.