Ken Daniels dishes about 2002 Red Wings on Spittin Chiclets podcast

Center Steve Yzerman and right wing Brett Hull on June 8, 2002. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images/NHLI)
Center Steve Yzerman and right wing Brett Hull on June 8, 2002. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images/NHLI)

Detroit Red Wings play-by-play broadcaster Ken Daniels has a lot of stories to share about his 20-plus years covering the team.

He was the special guest on Thursday's Spittin Chiclets podcast, which is hosted by former NHLers Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney, and he shared more than a few gems about the Red Wings, specifically about the 2002 Stanley Cup winning team. He talked about the feeling after the Vancouver Canucks went up 2-0 in the opening round series, winning both games in Detroit.

"We're going to the airport that night (after Game 2) and I get on the plane and (Scotty) Bowman and (Ken) Holland are at the front of the plane, and I'm getting on right behind Steve Yzerman as he walks on, and Steve turns to both Bowman and Holland and says, 'We're not losing this series,' and then he walks to the back of the plane," Daniels said.

Nicklas Lidstrom scored a goal from center ice the next game. Daniels made the famous call, "“That’s just the break the Red Wings needed." The team charged ahead and never turned back, winning the series in six games.

Daniels said that series was the only time he ever remembers hearing any criticism from the Ilitch family for his broadcasting. He and Mickey Redmond were at the morning skate in Vancouver the next day when Holland had something to say to them.

"Ken Holland turns around to me and Mickey and says, 'You two think Bertuzzi, Naslund and Morrison are playing pretty well, don’t ya?' And we said, 'Well the first two games, yeah, they’ve been pretty good.' And (Holland) said to me, 'Mr. I thinks you do, too,'" Daniels said.

Daniels already shared a lot of these same stories in his book, "If These Walls Could Talk: Detroit Red Wings," but it's fun to hear him talk about it with Biz and Whit.

If you're not already listening to Spittin Chiclets, I suggest you check it out. They get a lot of former and current players, coaches, and pretty much anyone connected to the game of hockey.


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