9-year-old Lions fan pens letter to NFL: Dreams of playing 'on hold' after blown calls

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A young Detroit Lions fan has a message for the NFL after the referees contributed to a loss in Green Bay on Monday night.

Everett Coughlin, 9, wrote a two-page letter titled, "Dear NFL," after the Lions lost, in heartbreaking fashion, on Monday night, following multiple missed calls by the referees.

"My dream is to grow up to become a NFL player. However, my dream is on hold because of the bad reffing on Monday night," Everett wrote.

"The Lions were fudged on many calls that either should have been a penalty or shouldn't have," Everett continued.

The young fan suggested the NFL reconsider how refs are being trained, also recommending taking the refs "to an eye doctor."

"I think we need a solution. Please write me back as soon as possible," Everett ended the letter, adding a doodle of a "hands to the face" play to the bottom. 

Read both pages below:

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