SPOTLIGHT: Mercy High School’s Chloe Vig wins Fan Choice Award

Voted 4Frenzy’s 2019 ‘Favorite Golf Freshman’

4Frenzy Chloe Vig Mercy Golf (2019)

Mercy High SchoolFavorite place to eat: beyond juice bar

Role Model: her dad

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Green Club

Chloe Vig is a freshman at Mercy High School on the varsity golf team. She has a great personal story and golf story. Chloe’s parents, Kim and Joe Vig, adopted her from China when she was nine months old. Her mother says that she was always an active child, starting off in gymnastics and competitive cheer.

4Frenzy Chloe Vig Mercy Golf

Chloe developed a very natural golf swing from an early age. She has been playing golf since she was a little girl and developed into a great player along the way. Her dad inspired her to play because they used to play for fun together when she was little, and they always had a blast. Chloe and her dad have continued this tradition by going to courses on the weekends, even for an hour or two, just to get out there and practice.

Chloe likes golf because she is on a team and can bond with her teammates but is also able to compete individually. She says that she enjoys how easy it is to make friends, even with the competition.

4Frenzy Chloe Vig Mercy Golf

Chloe’s biggest accomplishment was shooting an 83 and 84 at golf tryouts for 18 holes. Before tryouts, she was shooting into the 100’s. Chloe also says that shooting under 100 consistently both days at states was a big accomplishment for her. Chloe’s consistency and will to improve is exactly why she was nominated as “Favorite Golf Freshman” in Local 4′s 4Frenzy Fan Choice Awards. Keep up the great work Chloe!

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