Family quarantined after boy’s contact with NBA players who have coronavirus at Detroit Pistons game

Child got Donovan Mitchell’s autograph, Rudy Gobert’s shooting sleeve

DETROIT – The family of a boy who went to a Detroit Pistons game and got an autograph and a shooting sleeve from Utah Jazz players who later tested positive for the coronavirus is being quarantined.

A boy at the Pistons’ game against the Jazz last week got an autograph from Donovan Mitchell and a game-worn shooting sleeve from Rudy Gobert.

The Oakland County teenager was so excited that he sent his mother a video. Days later, the family learned both players tested positive for coronavirus.

The boy’s mother immediately contacted the family pediatrician, and the entire family is now quarantined.

What started as a moment of celebration has turned into an increasingly stressful and emotional time for the teenager and his loved ones.

So far, the boy isn’t showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, family members said.

You can watch Hank Winchester’s full story in the video posted above.

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