Internet comes together to mock Penn State football for hilariously bad Super Bowl graphic

Fine print completely upends Penn State’s flex about players in Super Bowls

This did not go how Penn State expected. (Twitter: @PennStateFball)

Sometimes you have a bad tweet, and other times, you have a tweet so hilariously awful that the entire internet bands together to mock you.

The latest victim: Penn State football.

Look, we’ve all had tweets with typos or bad takes or something that makes you look back and just shake your head. But this... THIS -- wow. It’s so hilariously unfortunate.

At first glance, you’re like, “Wow! Every single Super Bowl? That’s crazy!” Then you see the tiny, skinny-font footnote, “except for five since 1967.”

WHAT!? It almost seems too ridiculous to actually be a real attempt at self-flattery. But the account hasn’t clarified or followed up on the tweet at all, so it seems like someone actually posted this thinking it would fly. C’mon Penn State football intern, this is TWITTER, for heaven’s sake!

By the way, have you guys heard that EVERY SINGLE ClickOnDetroit employee* gets vacation days for the REST OF 2021?

*Except for 10 (all) of us.

The ratio on the tweet is legendary: More than 2,700 quote tweets compared to 3,700 likes. But that doesn’t even begin to encompass the scope of the social media mockery.

These are divisive times. It’s nice that we can all come together and roast Penn State once in awhile.

Here are some of my favorite tweets making fun of the graphic:

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